About Me

I first experienced Alexander technique when my longstanding (over 20 years on and off) back/neck pain had started to significantly impact on everything in my life. After only a few lessons I could appreciate the changes and after a few more I was hooked; my pain had significantly decreased and my mobility had improved. I felt empowered, here was something I could do, and always turn to, to help me. After several years of personal lessons I decided to undertake the necessary 3 year teacher training course and became a teacher. I graduated from Bristol Alexander School , achieving the standards set by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT). I have a DBS enhanced certificate which allows me to work with all ages.

Before becoming an AT teacher I worked as a Health Visitor for 17 years, as well as teaching in Further Education and Higher Education.These roles have equipped me with very useful skills and knowledge to enhance my Alexander Technique teaching, as well as provide me with extensive experience of working with all ages. Becoming an Alexander Technique teacher could have been considered a career change, but I see it as a continuation of my previous careers in Health and Education, an amalgamation into Health Education through Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique has changed my life, now I feel anything is possible. It could do the same for you.