You can read about the technique, but initially you really do need the guidance of a teacher to learn, and practice the principles. After a number of lessons you will be in a position to use the technique as a method of self help that could be useful in everything you do. The number of lessons needed is best decided upon on an individual basis, and will be reviewed with you; but will probably be 10 lessons or more. Some people will feel benefit from a few lessons but most will need to attend more to gain a solid foundation for continued self help.

Usually I teach on a 1:1 basis but I will do introductory group sessions from time to time. I am happy to develop ongoing group workshops for any interested organisations/businesses with specific requirements.

As a pupil of Alexander technique you are actively engaged in the process of education. We will explore your use in everyday actions and movements, whilst you are sitting, lying and standing. I will guide you through any necessary changes using inquiry, verbal instructions and gentle hand contact. But other teaching styles may be used and useful for some people. You may find wearing more comfortable clothing is useful but not essential.

AT can be applied to everything and everybody and therefore there are no restrictions on age or ability.

My lessons last 45 mins and cost £35.